Clicksense is a different affiliate platform in Nigeria, this is a tutorial review about Clicksense. That’s why instead of the typical registration bonus that often goes unused, we’re excited to introduce CASH BACK upon registration.

When you join Clicksense, you’ll instantly receive a cashback of $6 (N4000), credited to your COMMISSION REVENUE. Your commission revenue functions similarly to affiliate earnings, it’s eligible for withdrawal every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, with a minimum withdrawal threshold of $10 (N10,000).

Now, here’s the twist: To withdraw your cashback, you’ll need a minimum of 35 referrals. For instance, if your Commission Revenue gets to $100 but you haven’t referred at least 35 people, you can withdraw only $96. The remaining $4 cashback will stay securely in your dashboard until the referral threshold of 35 referrals is met.

This feature allows you to earn between $1 – 3$ (N1000 – N3000) daily, with the potential to earn even more. By simply clicking on paid ads, you can earn up to $3 (N3,000) per day.

For every ad you click on, you’ll receive $0.25 (N250). The more ads you click, the more you can earn, making it a lucrative opportunity to boost your income.

Your earnings from CLICK N EARN will be added to your CLICKS REVENUE, providing you with a clear overview of your earnings.


When someone registers on Clicksense using your referral link, you receive a direct referral commission of $5 (N5,000).

Additionally, your uplines receive an indirect referral commission of $0.30 (N300) each time you refer someone. This also means you will receive an indirect referral commission of $0.30 (N300) each time your downlines refer someone.
There’s also 2nd generation indirect Commission of $0.10 (N100)

Referral Commission – $5 (N5,000)
1st Indirect Commission – $0.30 (N300)
2nd indirect Commission- $0.10 (N100)

Your referral commission and indirect commission will be added to your COMMISSION REVENUE


This is also known as DOWNLINES GIFT, We are used to uplines benefiting from their downlines only through indirect commissions, leaving downlines hungry without any benefit, so we want to change that.

When you register someone on Clicksense, $0.10 (N100) will be added to your TEAM GIFT balance. This fund can then be distributed to your team members, your downlines, as a token of appreciation for their loyalty and contribution to your team’s success.

Think of it as a balance transfer, but exclusively for rewarding your downlines. The most active upline receives the highest TEAM GIFT, so choosing your upline wisely is essential.

You can transfer or distribute a minimum of $2.5 (N2500) to your downlines. And if you’re not satisfied with your team members, you can even gift yourself

TEAM GIFT ensures that everyone in your team benefits directly, fostering a culture of mutual support and encouragement.


The solution for TikTokers to monetize their creativity effortlessly! Are you not tired of creating content without earning? Look no further.

Rewarding Creativity:
Clicksense rewards creativity among our TikTok creators. You could earn between $1 – $2 per 1k views, depending on the creativity of your video.

– A very creative video with 100k views could earn you up to $200! We’ll be rewarding you based on the creativity of your video, so it’s time to up your game!

– *Explanatory Videos:* Videos where you speak about Clicksense and promote it will earn more.

– *Illustrative Videos:* Videos using TikTok sounds or captions to promote Clicksense without speaking or appearing in the video could earn less.

We believe this change will encourage even more creativity and innovation among our TikTok creators!

But the benefits don’t stop there. More views mean more referrals, translating to double benefits, which are TikTok pay and referral commissions on Clicksense.


An opportunity for you to earn from advertisers on Clicksense, Say goodbye to generating revenue for platforms without gaining anything in return.

With ADS COMMISSION, you’ll earn 5% of the total amount paid by advertisers when they advertise on Clicksense through you. For instance, if an advertiser pays 100k for ads, you’ll earn N5,000 ($5) as commission.Now, every time someone advertises through you, you earn.

Your earnings from ADS COMMISSION will be seamlessly added to your COMMISSION REVENUE, providing you with a clear overview of your earnings.”


The perfect solution for those trading digital assets like cryptocurrency and gift cards!

With our high xchange rate and secure payments, referring your friends to trade their digital assets through us is a win-win. You’ll receive 1% of any amount they trade.

For example, if your friend trades assets worth $1000 using your xchange link, you’ll earn N10 (N10,000).

Your earnings through CLICKS XCHANGE will be seamlessly added to your COMMISSION REVENUE, for swift withdrawal.

With the current Binance P2P ban, many are seeking alternative platforms to trade their assets. Refer them to CLICKS XCHANGE using your link and start enjoying xchange commissions today.


In this era, the importance of acquiring modern, high-paying skills can not be overstated.

At Clicksense, we’re committed to providing you with courses on these skills. But not just anyhow courses, our offerings are high-value and highly marketable. That means they’re in high demand in the job market, making it possible for you to start earning immediately after learning them.

As a registered member, you’ll gain free access to these courses, allowing you to enhance your skill set and boost your earning potential. Don’t miss out on this chance to invest in yourself and your future with Clicksense.


COMMISSION REVENUE which comprises of all your earnings from these sources:
– Referral commission
– Indirect commission
– TikTok Pay
– Ads commission
– Xchange commission

These earnings will be added into your Commission Revenue balance. You can withdraw funds from your Commission Revenue on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays between 5pm – 6pm. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 (N10,000).

CLICKS REVENUE, which is your earnings from clicking on ads through CLICK N EARN can be withdrawn on the 23rd of every month. The minimum withdrawal is $29.

Note: This withdrawal is automatic, so you don’t need to place the withdrawal yourself, just upload your bank details after registering and wait for alert on the 23rd of every month after earning at least $29 through CLICK AND EARN

BLOG REVENUE, which is your earnings from engagement gotten through CS BLOG, can be withdrawn 24hrs after your CLICKS REVENUE has been withdrawn. It’s also automatic and the minimum withdrawal is $30

 Note: You must be qualified for CLICKS REVENUE withdrawal. otherwise, you’ll be unable to withdraw your BLOGS REVENUE
You can withdraw your CLICKS REVENUE without BLOG REVENUE

On Clicksense, you can earn and withdraw without referrals, three times a week

.Tikok Pay
.Ads commission
.Team gift
.Xchange commission

Immediately, your earnings from any of these, which will be added to your COMMISSION REVENUE, gets to $10 (N10,000) you can request for withdrawal when the portal is open for COMMISSION REVENUE withdrawal.

Clicksense is an advertising and social marketing platform with these 7 easy ways to earn

Cash back: Get cash-back of 4k immediately you register

Click N Earn: earn 1k – 3k daily by clicking on Advert links

CS Blog: earn 5k – 10k daily for publishing A.I generated blogs, which you’ll be taught

Team Gift: Get a cash gift of 2k – 5k weekly when you register under an active upline like me

Tiktok pay: Get paid 10k – 500k per video depending on the views for making Tiktok videos

Commissions: make 10k – 50k whenever someone advertises or trades on Clicksense through you.

Affiliate: earn 5k direct, N300 indirect and N100 2nd indirect commission whenever someone registers through you.(NOT COMPULSORY).

The first 5 ways of earning don’t require a single referral, and with this, you can make *at least 50k weekly

If you choose to refer which is not compulsory, you can be making over 200k weekly


Your earnings through Cash back, Team Gift, Tikok Pay, Commissions and Affliate can be withdrawn on:
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays by 5pm. Minimum of 10k

While your Click N Earn and Cs Blog earnings can be withdrawn on the 23 and 24th of everymonth. Minimum of 29k and 30k respectively.

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