How To Get an Opay ATM Debit Card Anywhere in Nigeria

How To Get an Opay ATM Debit Card Anywhere in Nigeria

How To Get Opay ATM Debit Card Anywhere in Nigeria: It is with no doubt that Opay according to some users is one of the best Microfinance banks, if not the number one.

However, there is no point in being the best without providing a debit card for your users, and Opay has made this available for its interested users.

There are so many t­­hings you need to know about having an Opay debit card such as you can either have a physical or virtual card, the card has a nice design, and no network issues.

Interesting right? In this article, I’m going to enlighten you on How To Get an Opay ATM Debit Card Anywhere in Nigeria. Now, let’s dive deep into the details for more insights.

Types of Opay Debit Cards, how to Get it, and its usage

The Opay has two types of debit which are physical and virtual cards respectively, I’m going to give you in-depth details on how you can get each of these cards:

Physical Debit Card

Opay made available an option for its users to request a physical debit card through its mobile app stress-free, and here is a detailed way you can acquire yours:

The first step is to

  1. Open Opay App:

Open the Opay mobile app on your smartphone, you can download it from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user or the App Store for iPhone users.

  • Log In:

Log in to your Opay account with your registered phone number and password.

  • Go to the Card Services:

You have to look for the card services features. Of which this might be tagged as “Card,” “Banking,” or something similar to it.

  • Request a Physical Card:

When you have arrived at the card services option, there should be a button that indicates to request a physical debit card. This may be described as a “Request Card”. Or the pickup from nearby merchants if you have trust issues, of which a map appears showing you nearby merchants along with phone numbers.

  • Input the Necessary Information:

Follow the screen prompts to input any necessary information for the card request process. This includes your delivery address and other important details.

  • Pay the ATM service fee:

You have to pay the charges for your card issuance and delivery, which will be debited from your Opay balance, so it is advised to fund your account ahead.

  • Confirmation and Approval:

You have to confirm your request and wait for Opay to process and accept your application for the physical debit card.

  • Wait for Card Delivery:

When the approval is done and accepted, Opay on a normal basis sends the physical debit card to the address you provided in the course of the application process. Mind you, the delivery time may vary depending on your location, so be patient and don’t freak out.

  • Activate Your Card:

Now, once you receive the physical debit card, abide by the instructions provided to activate it. This may be done through the app.

  1. Start Using Your Opay Debit Card:

After activation, your Opay debit card is ready for various transactions, including making purchases and withdrawing cash from ATMs and POS stands.

How to request for Opay Debit card: Virtual Card 

This feature is mostly for users who don’t want to pay for a physical card or are careless with their atm cards.

One of the benefits of this virtual card is that it is cost-free.

To request a virtual debit card from Opay, follow these general steps:

   1. Open Opay App:

Open the Opay mobile app on your phone.

2. Log In:

The next step is to log in to your Opay account with your registered phone number and password.

   3. Go to Card Services:

Find the card services features. Which is tagged as “Card”.

  4. Tap the Virtual Card Option:

   Within the card services section, there’s an option specifically for virtual cards at the top right.

  5. Request Virtual Card:

    After navigating to the virtual card, follow the screen prompts to request it. You may need to provide some important information, and then a verification process.

 6. Confirmation and Approval:

   Confirm your request, and wait for Opay to process and accept your virtual card application.

7. Check the App for Card Details:

    Once approved, check the app for the details of your virtual card, which includes the card number, CVV, and Expiry date. These details are important for online transactions.

Note: The virtual card is secure, and the details are hidden, you need to put in your 4-digit transaction PIN to see the card details, unless someone knows your 4-digit PIN I can guarantee you 100 percent safety.

Also, there is a customized feature that enables you to customize your virtual card to your taste.

Opay card benefits/features

    1. Payment Convenience:

   Opay debit cards provide a convenient way to make transactions for goods and services at various merchants, both online and offline.

2. Ability of ATM Withdrawals:

Opay Debit cards conveniently allow users to withdraw money from ATMs, creating provisions for funds in a stress-free manner.

3. Online Transactions:

    The Opay debit card is used for online transactions and payments, making it convenient for users to shop on e-commerce platforms, pay bills, pay for their subscriptions, and perform other internet-based transactions.

5. Safety/Security Features:

   Opay debit cards usually come with security features like Personal Identification Number (PIN) protection, transaction notifications, and some other additional security steps for online transactions.

6. Transaction Monitoring:

Opay offers mobile apps or online platforms that enable users to monitor their card transactions, check balances, and manage their accounts with ease.

7. Cashback and Rewards Programs:

Opay is known for its cashback rewards or loyalty programs that give benefits such as discounts, points, or cash incentives for using the card for certain transactions.

8. No Debt Accumulation:

    As we all know this is a debit card so unlike credit cards, debit cards are not a form of credit, so users are spending their own money, reducing the risk of accumulating debt.

In conclusion

Having the Opay ATM card is very useful in many ways, and also convenient for your day-to-day financial life and transactions.

So, get an Opay ATM Debit card today.

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