UnixRave is an affiliate platform with a unique dashboard that rewards users for activities and referrals on the app website. before joining UnixRave, you need to get a UnixRave coupon code from a verified vendor which I would share with the vendor WhatsApp contact here.

But before then, let’s take a look at how UnixRave works.

How To Make Money From UnixRave App

  • You get paid 400 naira daily through daily mining.
  • You earn 300 naira when you engage in an advert.
  • You earn 200 naira When you engage in task posts
  • You earn 100 naira through daily claims on the website.
  • When you make sales you earn 4500 naira
  • you earn 300 naira through your first indirect sales
  • you earn 150 naira through your second indirect sales

NB: Without sales, you make 1,000 daily as sales are not compulsory.

UnixRave Registration is a one-time payment of ₦5,500 to access all these benefits.

Now you know how UnixRave works, and pay their members. Here are other earning structures of UnixRave.

Another unique thing is that you can convert your earnings to dollars and get paid in dollars or any currency of your choice.

Withdrawal Days on UnixRave

For daily tasks, advert engagement and daily mining, you get paid 28,000 naira every 20th of the month (that’s like a monthly salary for doing almost nothing)

For tournament contests and brain teasers, crypto trading and others will be converted to your sales earnings

For Rave Exchange and Rave sales commission, you get paid twice a week: every Tuesday, Thursday Saturday from 4 pm to 5 pm with a Minimum of 8k.

How To Sign Up on UnixRave

  • Contact the Coupon code vendor here.
  • Pay for the Coupon code and get your code.
  • Follow the referral link to sign up.
  • Login to your dashboard.
  • You are now a member of UnixRave.

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