Zenith Bank USSD Codes And Transfer Codes 2024

Zenith Bank USSD Codes And Transfer Codes 2024

If you are looking to get to know about Zenith Bank USSD codes and transfer code 2024, Then this guide about Zenith bank ussd transfer codes, Here we discuss How to activate Zenith bank ussd code without an atm card, Zenith bank code to check your balance, How to activate ussd code for Zenith bank.

You don’t have to stress yourself to carry out your basic banking needs, as the Zenith ban has an easier and more convenient way for this and I bet you do not know.

What is this easier and more convenient way? I am sure you must be curious, and it is no other than the Zenith Bank USSD codes and transfers code. Now that you are aware, let’s get right into it.

What is the Zenith Bank Transfer Code? 

The Zenith Bank transfer code is *966# which is a service designed by Zenith Bank that permits its customers to perform banking transactions using their mobile phones. This code is a short mixture of numbers that customers can dial on their phones to access various banking services, including transferring money, checking account balances, and many more.

Requirements to activate Zenith Bank USSD Code

You cannot just have access to the service, without knowing the requirements needed, and they are

  • Bank Account

Firstly, you must have registered an active account with Zenith Bank.

  • Registered Phone Number

Then ensure that the phone number linked to your Zenith Bank account is active and also registered with the bank.

  • Good Mobile Phone

You must have a good mobile phone which can send and receive SMS, and as well make calls. 

  • Zenith Bank ATM Card

As a Zenith bank user, you need the last 6 digits pin of your ATM card during this process

How to register for Zenith Bank Transfer Code in 2024

Now that you are familiar with the requirements needed, you need to know how to register and I’m here to help, for you to register you have to:

  • Dial the USSD Code

First, dial the USSD code provided by Zenith Bank on your phone’s keypad which is *966#.

  • Follow the screen Prompts

After you have dialled the USSD code, a menu of options will pop up on your screen. Follow the on-screen prompts, like entering your account number, creating a PIN and other necessary information and registering for the service.

  • Setting PIN

Then go ahead, and set your PON for more secure transactions and less risk of fraud.

  • Receiving of Confirmation

Once this registration process is confirmed, a confirmation message will be sent to you which indicates that you have registered successfully for this service.

List of Zenith Bank USSD Codes

*966*60# >> Select option “7”*966*0#
Zenith Bank code for account number *966*0#
Zenith Bank code for transfer of money to Zenith Bank *966*Amount*Recipient’s account number#
Zenith Bank code for transfer of money to other banks*966*Amount*Recipient’s Account Number#
Zenith Bank code to buy airtime for self *966*amount#
Zenith Bank code to buy airtime for others *966* Amount*Mobile Number#
Zenith Bank code for loan *966*11#
Zenith Bank code for updating BVN *966*BVN#
Zenith Bank Code to Activate USSD Banking *966*0#
Zenith Bank USSD Code to Increase Daily Transaction Limit *966*60#
Cardless Withdrawals *966*60# >> select option “7”
Zenith Bank USSD Code to Deactivate Eazy Banking Profile *966*20*0#
Zenith Bank Code to Block ATM Debit Card *966*60#
Zenith Bank USSD Code to Block Transactions On Lost Phone *966*911#
Zenith Bank Code to Retrieve ATM Debit Card PIN *966*60#
Zenith Bank USSD Code to Pay DStv, Gotv, and PHCN *966*7*Amount*Customer ID#
Zenith Bank Code to Pay Other Bills *966*6*Biller code* Amount#
Zenith Bank Code to Deactivate Your Mobile Banking Profile *996*20*0#
Zenith Bank USSD Code For Bet9ja 966*6*2389#
Zenith Bank USSD Code For BetKing *966*6*7842#
Zenith Bank USSD Code For spotty *723*04347201*Deposit Amount#
Zenith Bank Virtual Card USSD Code *966*2273#
We have come to the end of the zenith bank USSD codes and transfer codes 2024.


Now, that you are familiar with the Zenith Bank USSD code and transfer code 2024, it is safe to say you will carry out your banking needs conveniently.

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