VERTEXX Registration Coupon Code (How It Works)

Do you need side hustle to upgrade your means of livelihood? If so, then this post is made for you! In this our digital world of online possibilities, VERTEXX is one of the best affiliate marketing platform and social media monetization.

VERTEXX emerges as the best option for individuals who wants to strengthen their income. This money paying website for social media monetization and affiliate marketing has gained gained good reputation for its user-friendly approach to earning money online.

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We are going to explore the following topics concerning this APP known as VERTEXX;

How To Join Vertexx (Vertexx Registration)

How To Earn on Vertexx


Core features & Benefits OF VERTEXX

How To Join Vertexx (Vertexx Registration)

VERTEXX Registration Fee is N5000 naira, however, you would need a coupon code to complete the registration on the sign up page.

How To Earn on Vertexx

Welcome Bonus: 3000VP

Referral Bonus: N4000

First Indirect Reff Bonus: N300

2nd indirect Reff bonus: N150

Vertexxpost1: 300vp

Vertexx post2: 200H

Daily Login: 300vp

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How TO Withdraw From VERTEXX (Withdrawal Process)

Affiliate: Minimum Withdrawal of N8000

Days: days for affiliate withdrawal will be communicated here with the time

Non-affiliate: Minimum withdrawal of 25,000Vp. Withdrawals will be automatic. We’re working to make sure the processes are smooth and less stressful. Every last day of the month

Core Features & Benefits OF VERTEXX

VERTEXX provides courses and so as features. All these will be merged as VERTEXX features

  • Interior and Exterior design
  • Gotv, DSTV, Startimes installation
  • A.I
  • App creation
  • WhatsApp TV
  • Graphics Designing
  • Web development
  • Crypto/forex courses

All these can be accessible only on VERTEXX.
These courses and their tutors are on standby already awaiting the launch date.


This groundbreaking platform VERTEXX is set to be launched on the month of March 2024. Anticipation is high as VERTEXX promises a blend of innovation and the best of features. Stay prepared for a wave of transformation as VERTEXX comes into existence by 5th March 2024.

Get started early, embrace wealth on VERTEXX, hit our top list, and be among the millionaires VERTEXX will produce.

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