How Much Is A Bag Of Cement in Nigeria Today Dangote, Bua (Prices & Location)

The recent average price of a bag of cement in Nigeria today ranges from ₦9,100 to ₦10,500 on retail, which is still on the high side compared to the agreed price of 7000 to 8000 naira between the federal government and cement manufacturers in Nigeria.

However, the market price of cement in Nigeria has skyrocketed recently, cement is still relatively high when compared to other African countries. Popular cement brands like Dangote, Lafarge, Ibeto, BUA, UNICEM, etc all sell cement bags at almost the same rates. A cement bag weighs about 50kg. It’s less costly to buy cement wholesale which is the same as a trailer load. All cement brands sell in wholesales.

Cement’s significance in construction cannot be underrated . Its ability to bind materials together, provide strength and durability, and enable diverse architectural possibilities makes it a fundamental component of modern construction practices. This post “How Much Is A Bag Of Cement in Nigeria Today” is written with the sole aim of disclosing the recent prices of all the cement brands.

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The Top Cement Manufacturers In Nigeria Today

The list below consist of the major cement manufacturers in Nigeria Today ranging the highest producing brand to the lowest.

  1. Dangote Cement: Dangote Cement is one of the largest and popular cement producer in Nigeria. It is part of the Dangote Group, owned by Aliko Dangote. Dangote Cement has a significant market share and operates several cement plants across the country.
  2. Lafarge Africa Plc: Lafarge Africa is another major player in the Nigerian cement industry. The company produces and distributes cement under the brand name “Lafarge Africa” and has a strong presence in the market.
  3. BUA Cement: BUA Cement is a new company but has quickly become a major cement producer in Nigeria. The company has invested heavily in cement production facilities and has gained a significant market share in a short time.
  4. Unicem (United Cement Company of Nigeria): Unicem is a subsidiary of Lafarge Holcim, a global cement manufacturer. It operates a cement plant in Cross River State, Nigeria, and is a prominent player in the southern region of the country.
  5. Ibeto Cement Company Limited: Ibeto Cement is another notable cement manufacturer in Nigeria. The company has its cement plant in Enugu State and has been operating for several years. The Nigerian government shut down Ibeto Cement’s operations in the past, the company has since resumed its activities. 

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The current Price Of a Bag of Cement In Nigeria Today

Each cement brand in Nigeria have various prices they sell their 50kg bags of cement. The average recent price of a bag of Cement in Nigeria today March 15, 2024 is ₦11,000. Ibeto and BUA Cement are the cheapest brands, Dangote Cement is medium priced while UNICEM and Lafarge Cement are the costliest. Below is the current Price of a bag of cement in Nigeria.

Cement Brands in NigeriaRetail Prices
Dangote cementN9,900 – N10,500
Lafarge cementN9,100 – N10,500
BUA cementN9,900 – N10,500
UNICEM cementN11,500 – N13,500
Ibeto cementN9,500 – N10,500
This table above consist of the retail price per 50kg of cement today March 15, 2024

Mind you that it is cheaper and less costly to purchase cement in wholesales than in bags. Delivery is free to your destination. The least quantity to order during wholesale is 100 bags. A full trailer load of cement contains 600 bags of cement. The average wholesale price of cement in Nigeria today March 15, 2024 per trailer load is ₦4,200,000 to ₦4,800,000 per trailer load and ₦10,000 per bag.

Wholesale price of cement in Nigeria

Cement Brand in NigeriaWholesale Prices
Dangote CementN8,000 – N11,300
Lafarge cementN8,000 – N10,440
BUA cementN8,000 – N11,000
UNICEM cementN8,000 – N10,500
Ibeto CementN8,000 – N10, 400
This table contains the wholesale price of the various cement brands today 15th March 2024

NOTE: These cement prices are dynamic and subjected to change at any time.

Current Prices of Cement In All The 36 States In Nigeria

StatesSize (KG)Cement Price range
Abia50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Adamawa50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Akwa Ibom50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Anambra50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Bauchi50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Bayelsa50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Benue50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Borno50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Cross River50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Delta50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Ebonyi50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Edo50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Ekiti50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Enugu50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Gombe50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Imo50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Jigawa50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Kaduna50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Kano50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Katsina50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Kebbi50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Kogi50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Kwara50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Lagos50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Nasarawa50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Niger50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Ogun50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Ondo50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Osun50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Oyo50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Plateau50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Rivers50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Sokoto50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Taraba50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Yobe50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Zamfara50kgN8,500 – N10,000
Abuja50kgN8,500 – N10,000
These are the price ranges of cement in all the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria


In all ramification, the prices of cement mentioned in this post is to reveal the current price (wholesale and retail) of cement in Nigeria. If you have any questions concerning this post, please do drop it on the comment box. You can also drop the price of cement in your various location. Thank You!

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